Join us for a night of theatre at West Village Theatre as we explore the world of Theatre.

What does ‘Exit Stage Left’, or ‘Break a Leg’ come from?
What is behind the curtain on stage? Learn that and more as we explore the history of theatre and the various ways Theatre reaches out to the audience and communicates the stories that inspire usĀ all.
Experience the World of Opera with the magical performance of Opera singer Tansenn Blackwell
The Mastery of Story Telling with Mera Reyes She Sequoina
The captivating work of internationally recognized poet and spoken word Sheri D Wilson
The world of Dragon Puppets with Diane Fung
The magic of Olga Sem and the costumes and masks recognized that transport us to another world
and so much more.
Following the stage shows join us on the dance floor as we carefully selected the amazing DJ’s to help you dance into the wee hours on the theatre stage.
We will have a bar serving organic wines and mead with the ales that serves you best.
Visit our auction table and help us raise the finances to bring our 6th annual Sangha: A Festival of Medicine to life for the summer of 2020.
Sangha Creations recognizes the diversities within our community and that we all share common needs and values. When we come together we create experiences like Theatrum. A collective way to learn, grow, and to celebrate as one.
Early Bird Tickets are $25
Workshops are donations on a scale of $15-$25 a class or $20-$35 for both classes.
See you in the theatre

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