How to Make Your Rental Successful

While details about pricingequipment and the plot can easily be found under the Rentals tab, here are a few other things to help your WVT rental go smoothly:


Renters are required to purchase event insurance – for more information please refer to the Technical & Rental Package found here.

Emergency Exits

West Village Theatre has two emergency exits – the alleyway entrance as well as the street door, which is accessed through backstage. Should an emergency occur, renters are asked to direct patrons to a designated meeting place.

Lock the Door

The WVT is equipped with door sensors, cameras and an alarm, however those tools aren’t effective if the door isn’t locked. Renters who forget to lock the door are subject to a $200 fine, in addition to the replacement of any damaged or stolen goods.

Treat the Space Kindly!

West Village Theatre is a small rental theatre with only part time staff. In order to keep rental fees reasonable and the space in good shape for all other renters and residents – please treat the space as your own!  This means tidying up after yourself/ your crew, replacing all tables and chairs to where they were originally, removing all materials, set, etc that you brought in, and not damaging walls, floors, chairs, risers, and equipment.