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Five years ago, three of Calgary’s most active theatre companies rescued a little theatre in Sunalta previously known as Dancer’s Studio West and transformed it into West Village Theatre.  It came with almost nothing, and over the years, each company brought what it could to the space.  Since then, the theatre has been a hub of cultural activity.  Hundreds of kids have found their voices and identities on our stage through Calgary Young People’s Theatre productions and festivals.  Dozens of world premieres, including some of the most ground breaking work this city has seen has either been performed on our stage or developed there, including by the innovative and daring Ghost River Theatre’s GIANT.

Now, five years later, our friends from Green Fools are moving on to new things, but when they move out in June, they’ll also be taking their  lights, cables, and sound equipment.  This leaves the remaining partners, Ghost River and CYPT in a bit of a tight spot.  The partners have already been subsidizing the rental rates to help make it affordable for Calgary arts organizations, and now with one partner down and no new one in sight, our shared partner lease rates are up, and $20,000 worth of equipment to replace, and all granting avenues exhausted, neither company has a dime to spare so we’re turning to our friends in the community.

We need your help.  We need you to help us literally keep the lights on.

Please help us by sharing/donating on our go fund me page. Thank you so much!

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